Trading volatility

Like Darwin, we believe that variance is the real fact and the mean is something more abstract.

Accepting the variance is not easy. Everybody wants to earn money without risk, even though there will be nothing to win in the lack of risk (volatility).

Still, almost everybody predicts the next expected value, not the new variance. Same variance could lead to different means, same expected value could come as result for different variances.

What it is important here, it’s the net variance that one can’t mitigate alone. Think about that and use it to YouR own advantage.

Backup Plan

A Backup Plan can Undermine Performance if it is not done in a team. But think about this: Your Gene Backup Plan is your very Life. Yes, it is and this is what we strongly believe.

What we, at can do to help? We clearly want to be a part in your life to back you up when need it the most. You clearly don’t have to worry about this. Let the professionals do this for you.

Yes, your gene masterplan is to make you perfect, but then you are in charge to fix what could be wrong because of your biotic, youR CORelations with the world.

We don’t want to interfere with your masterplan, we just want to be the backup plan, that come into play only when signals trigger it.


Ensemble la France! This was the new message sent to the world by the new president of France. Same as our message: Ensemble is an idealization consisting of a large number of virtual copies (sometimes infinitely many) of a system, considered all at once, each of which represents a possible state that the real system might be in. Even more, it is achieved in music by a group of different sounds that sounds great when put together.

In other words, we want to achieve that harmony by knowing the probability distribution for the state of a system by hearing all the voices.

Ansamblul statistic sau musical, mesajul pe care noi îl transmitem și îl promovăm de la început și-a găsit muza și în Franța. A reuși să atribui fiecărui eveniment dintr-un sistem o probabilitate de realizare, după ce asculți toate vocile din sistem este ceea ce ne preocupă și muza care stă la baza principiilor noastre.

Cu alte cuvinte, vrem să obținem armonia, descifrând mesajul transmis pe toate vocile și formând astfel distribuția sistemului cu care vom modela mai apoi strategia evolutivă stabilă.

Pink world!

După o perioadă gri, în care multe companii au trecut în neființă, apar și tonuri de roz. Euroins a ieșit din supraveghere, iar preluarea City este lăudată chiar pe site-ul ASF.